1. What is TOT SmartSMS?
2. What are the advantages of TOT SmartSMS compared to other operators?
3. What is the message-sent success rate?
4. How to create a group of recipients for sending messages?
5. How do I know the number of messages I still have?
6. What is the maximum phone numbers that can be sent at a time?
7. How many characters can be sent in a message?
8. Which mobile networks support this service?
9. Is this system allowed sending messages according to TV or Radio shows?
10. Is this system allowed sending messages to oversea mobile phone numbers?
11. Can I send messages in groups and schedule the sending time?
12. What is the charging rate for sending the same message to multiple mobile phone numbers?
13. Is it possible to use “File Uploading” for sending SMS to a large group?
14. Is there any security system for users?
15. Is it possible to recall (restore) the content of the successfully sent message?
16. Can one person sign up for more than one account?
17. How to gain more than one account (username/password) for one user?
18. What is the result of buying a new package by the same account (username/password)?
19. If my password has been changed, do I have to use the new password to log into SMS system?
20. Where can I buy a TOT Prepaid card?
21. How can I buy a SMS package by credit card?
22. How can I buy SMS package by TOT Prepaid card?
23. How do I register to TOT Smart SMS?
24. How to easily and quickly send massive number of SMS?
25. How do I send message by ‘File Uploading’?
26. How to create a group of recipients for sending messages to a group?
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