How do I send message by ‘File Uploading’?
*** “File Uploading” is the best way to send SMS to a large number of recipients ***
It is faster and better both security and sending speed compared to normal sending.
This can be done by
1. Save file as ‘.txt’ extension with formatting: ‘Phone Number#Message’(a phone number followed by ‘#’ and message content in a single line)
2. Or using Microsoft Excel. Each sheet contains up to 500 phone numbers and 3 columns information. The first column is destination phone numbers. The second column is “#”. The third column is content of messages. It is suggested to put your phone number at the end for testing. Then save as this file with .txt extension.
3. Click send from File, browse, select your file name, click OK
4. Click Summary Report and search to check sending status. If sent, report status is ‘Y’
5. For next time, you can use the same file and edit content with “replace” command.
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